Prepare Your ''I DID IT!'' Face

Tutorials to take you from ''can't'' to ''CAN''!

Why You "Can't" Hula Hoop

Why you need a bigger hoop than the standard kid-sized toy hoops!

Waist Hooping For Beginners

The basics of waist hooping.

Saving The Hoop When It Falls

What to do when you feel the hoop start to drop!

Timing Drills

Practice these drills to make lifts and the Vortex easier to learn!

No-Lift Transition

An easy way to move the hoop from on- to off-body!

Front and Back Lifts

Lifts from on the body to above your head!

The Vortex

How to do everyone’s favorite hoop move – the Vortex! (Hint: Master lifts first!)


An example of how to transition the hoop between moves you’ve learned.

Waist Control Drills

These drills will help you start learning how to move the hoop up and down your body!

Chest Hooping

Learn the basics of chest hooping!

Shoulder Hooping

The basics of shoulder hooping – continuously hooping with your arms in the hoop!

Shoulder Duckout

A showstopper move – hooping around one shoulder!

Leg (Knee) Hooping

Learn the basics of leg hooping, sometimes referred to as knee hooping!

Legs To Waist

How to move the hoop from your knees to your waist!

Angle Hooping

Learn how to hoop at an angle around your waist!